What is GROW?

Georgia Reaches Out to the World (GROW) is an initiative of Fulbright Association GA Chapter, that promotes mutual understanding between the people of the United States and people of the world through panel discussions, conferences, seminars, workshops, presentations, and research on Health, Education, and Peace.

GROW is collaboratively working with universities, businesses, institutions, media, and entrepreneurs in Georgia to promote and advocate for health, education, and peace in the world. 

Taher Nour : Fulbright classroom:
Credit Fulbright Association

Program objectives

The purpose of GROW is to:

  1. Connect and coordinate with FPAs at universities in Georgia to hold Fulbright awareness events at campuses: (in person and through skype or webinars)
  2. Discuss health, education and peace challenges and find solutions through panel discussions, seminars, and workshops at universities in the US and share the results with universities, and institutions in developing countries.

Pannel Discussion Program

Panel discussion general topics will include, but not be limited to health, education, and peace. Focusing on one topic at a time, panelists will take part in discussions based on their research area, interest, work, or field of study. National and International Fulbright alumni, scholars, and students will be granted an opportunity to share experiences about their scholarship, major, country, culture, and future goals and research. Panel Discussion will be moderated by a GA Chapter Board of Directors or participants of attending school/sponsoring institution. The pilot project will start at UGA in January, 2018. 

A special guest will be invited for each panel discussion. The special guest will be of the following people: leadership of the school which provides venue, leadership of National Fulbright Association, IIE, and local leaders, scholars, and delegates of consulate/embassies of the countries being presented in the panel. The results of panel discussions will be compiled and possibly published as written, video, or podcast so that national and international researchers, students, policy makers, and more importantly, ordinary citizens can benefit from. 

The panel discussion time will be one and a half hours and panelists will be asked to send a brief (half-page) biography to the moderator at least two weeks prior to panel discussion date. 

  • During the first 15 minutes the panel moderator will introduce the panelists reading a short bio of each panelist. 
  • Each panelist will be given 15 minutes to talk. 
  • 15 minutes will be given for the special guest to talk about the importance of such gatherings and relevant topic. 
  • The last 15 minute will be dedicated for audience to ask questions. 

Audience will be national and international students, faculties, administrative staff of the attending school, community members, and Chapter members. Panel Discussions will be held every 6-8 weeks depending on availability of the venue and school schedule. It will be an ongoing project since each year new Fulbright students will join. 50-70 participants are expected to come in each panel discussion.