TV show on volunteerism In Malawi by LEAD & Fulbright Association

Some of the Fulbright Association delegation was interviewed on a prominent TV station in Malawi on the topic of “volunteerism” with the LEAD-FA collaboration as a prime example. We had Professor Sosten Chiotha, head of LEAD SEA, Dr. Jack Allison, Dr. Zipangani Vokhiwa, Sienna Eger and Kim Eger answer questions and share views on volunteerism, collective impact.

During this 2018 Fulbright Alumni Service Corps Trip to Malawi, delegation of Fulbright Association is specifically working in Malawi on:
1) menstrual health education and practical reusable hygiene kit distribution – to increase girl’s school attendance and thereby their graduation rates from Secondary School
2) Tree Planting to help provide future sources of food (berries) and or revenue, as well as timber for firewood/fuel for cooking. Likewise, tree planting is also simultaneously a direct way to prevent soil erosion and keep rivers cleaner with less harmful debris that kills off certain organisms from the ecosystem. It helps the overall water catchment area .
3) Public Health Messaging via Songs, to impact and bring about Behavioral Change via new songs to be recorded and aired on Radio stations in Malawi, beginning with YFM, the radio station of YONECO
4) how to inspire others to volunteer by demonstrating Service in action (towards collective impact).

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